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@Criptofriend I never talked with colu or had an account on their platform. Others in the company are closer to that part of how MT works. I personally think that Colu is a dead end either way. It looks like an open standard but there is not much in terms of infrastructure to build on. Only one implementation in JS for example, so I guess we will have to move MT to another platform short to medium term anyway.

Regarding the loss of tokens that are in a hosted “wallet”, I am pretty sure Colu has the data and will provide means to recover your tokens.


Yo creo que lo mejor será pasar página.
Aunque consigamos los MT, nedie los quiere y de nada sirven.


Yo venía usando mycellium desde hace tiempo sin problema, pero leyendo el hilo me pregunto si será mejor cambiar de wallet. Que opinas? Es seguro seguir con mycellium? En caso contrario, que wallets que hayáis usado me recomendáis?



  1. Mycelium knows about Colu problems. It is a problem on their side, NOT Mycelium side. Mycelium is trying to work with them to fix everything asap.
  2. Since last crowd sale Mycelium didn’t get any external investments and didn’t get any valuation. Hence there were no trigger events to make any payments to Mycelium token holders. Until Mycelium becomes public all Mycelium tokens are linked to SAR (as it was described in documents).
  3. Mycelium Wallet is continuing to develop. Next app update will be soon.
  4. If there will be any external investments to Mycelium we will inform token owners and make corresponding payments to them.
  5. I will keep you informed on Mycelium token issues here. You can contact me directly if you have any questions.


  • Once the problem with Colu will be solved I will explain how to get your token.
  • SAR is not share, but stock appreciation right. It is linked to company valuation. SAR holders get payments in case of valuation growth at moment of liquidity event.
  • Valuation of hi-tech company is more connected to its user base and growth than its financial report.
  • Mycelium Wallet still doesn’t generate profit, but demonstrates 10% monthly growth of its user base.

Parece que continúa el culebrón. Este hombre Zhius es el nuevo admin del grupo de Telegram y ha escrito los párrafos anteriores.
2 cuestiones. Primera que intentará q los MT se recuperen de Colu (a ellos les echa la culpa). Segunda que a ver si es verdad que pueda dar intereses los MT a sus holder.

Lo vi de casualidad…


hace un par de días apareció uno diciendo que iba a dar un paso adelante, en el sentido de demandar a los responsables de Mycelium.
No sé si tendrá algo que ver, pero es bueno que la gente de Mycelium de una explicación sobre el problema con el wallet Colu, que sin aviso ha cerrado el wallet, dejándonos desconcertados y echando la culpa a Mycelium.

En parte, los de Colu tienen razón porque Mycelium tenía previsto implementar los token hace tiempo. El problema ha sido que Colu no ha avisado. Curiosamente no les ha importando tomar esa acción, inmersos como están en una ICO.

Lunes 5 de marzo:
Mark Haynes
The time has come to take this a bit further I am writing via my lawyers to both the Latvian and Cypriot police asking them to consider charges of fraud by the mycelium board of directors and to try and force Mycelium wallet into adminastration…
duncan idaho

Mark Haynes
The time has come to take this a bit further I am writing via my lawyers to both the Latvian and Cypriot police asking them to c
Inform us about progress i am intrested in.

Mark Haynes
will do


Mark Haynes
First thing my lawyer has found out is that according to the whitepaper all participants in the sale were given SARS not shares in the 5% and you can not sell SARS its a plan only given out to management and empoyees of a company and a share price must be set and then a vesting period set ie when you can ask for your SAR to be redeemed.Mycelium has acted illegally by saying you were getting 5% of the wallet when you were getting nothing and its not possible to sell SARS to the public
SARS is Share appreciation rights


Colu started to fix and sync their servers. Hope, next week it will be fully functional.
Colu will not support ColoredCoins in future and will give it to society.

Ya están trabajando en ello los de Colu, sincroniza do servidores. La semana que viene (sera un poco más tarde) a ver si empiezan a funcionar


da gusto cuando la gente se pone de acuerdo.


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  1. In shorterm period we plan to convert MT tokens to ERC20, in midterm - convert tokens to direct share ownership
  2. Mycelium wants to hire person, responsible for PR and communication with investors (including token owners). Could you suggest proper candidates?