IOTA Criptomoneda para el Internet of Things (IoT)


Ahí está… SOON!!!



Qubic is official! Find out more
(official website)


Igual es una pregunta tonta pero que va a salir antes Trinity o la Q


trinity movil esta semana seguramente


Pues nos toca otra subidita con Trinity !!!



Parece que forma suelo, espero que entre hoy y mañana se confirme para desplegar un nuevo tramo alcista.



Trinity update


  • New: Support for Argentinian Peso
  • New: Change font from Lato to SourceSansPro
  • New: Add remote node list with fallback in case of failure
  • Updated: Add additional translation strings
  • Updated: Greater test coverage
  • Updated: Refine theming colours


  • New: Add new PoW native module on iOS -> big speed improvements (often 10-15s on iPhone 7 Plus)
  • New: Add attachToTangle unavailable error to snapshot transition
  • New: Add confirmation/information modal before printing seed
  • New: Add confirmation/information modal before copying seed to password manager
  • New: Add About page to settings
  • Updated: Update topbar account switching UI
  • Updated: Ensure clipboard is cleared at every point a seed is pasted
  • Updated: Update seed generation page UI and add information modal for ‘What is a seed?’
  • Updated: Reorder main settings and move change password to security settings
  • Updated: Change info box design on light themes
  • Updated: Change button design on light themes
  • Updated: Display an Activity Indicator when a custom node is being checked
  • Fixed: Fix crashes associated with root detection
  • Fixed: Ensure topbar closes when tapping on Settings page
  • Fixed: Do not allow changing nodes when a transaction is being sent
  • Fixed: Close topbar when opening a modal
  • Fixed: Do not make node requests containing invalid bundles
  • Fixed: Autocapitalise seed when adding additional account
  • Fixed: Generate alert on root detection if Play Store isn’t available
  • Fixed: Empty custom node field error not functioning correctly
  • Fixed: Prevent custom node field from being editable while checking custom node


  • Desktop is currently undergoing a major UI/UX update
  • The current Trinity design was the product of back and forth between Navin and the others working on the project. Fairly recently, a very talented designer joined the team.
  • Following release, Mobile will undergo a similar update for a public beta version 0.1.X

Update on Mobile Audit

  • Build with security fixes submitted for audit. Expected time frame = 7-10 days.



interesante :thinking:


gmt+8 entra en Huobi, 11am hora de aqui creo


Vaya pico no? Jajajaja


Esta muy lejos de la realidad de otros Exchange… en bitfinex parece que va a ser un pump&dupm otra vez… ojala me equivoque pero reboto con muy rapido desde los 2.55 a 2.42 otra vez :pensive:


Ya va por 3.10 en houbi… Lastima no haber estado en casa para acumular unas cuantas más Iotas… Haciendo el tradeo doble… :frowning: Se equipara ahora en nada…


Casualidad que en binance no dejara retirar IOTAS a lo largo de la mañana?


Alguien es bueno con las adivinanzas?


Empieza el hypeo


Esa cuenta de twitter es una basura que hypea cosas sin sentido cómo lo que has puesto. Luego que la gente se monta sus películas y decepciona…