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El efecto del “hackeo” ha sido mínimo en el precio del Bitcoin:

Manipulado para bien y para mal

“We are sending all of the coin developers the wallets containing the coins we have left. So far, LMO and CCX have been handed over the funds.”

"No hemos desaparecido, chicos"

MapleChange @MapleChangeEx

We have not disappeared guys. We simply turned off our accounts temporarily to think this solution through. We cannot refund everyone all their funds, but we will be opening wallets to whatever we have left so people can (hopefully) withdraw their funds.

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Joseph Young @iamjosephyoung

A small crypto exchange pulled off an exit scam, taking all customer funds.

There is no incentive for using small exchanges. Use established exchanges that are regulated, & transparent.

Small exchanges also focus on maximizing profitability, not security or investor protection

7:16 PM - Oct 28, 2018

MapleChange @MapleChangeEx

Irrelevant of what the media has spewed out about us, I’d like to bring to light our point of view, should you choose to believe it or not. We have NEVER had 919BTC in our wallet, the picture that displayed so showed the volume abuse caused by the hackers.

2:55 PM - Oct 29, 2018

¿Posible relación con el “hackeo” de MapleChange?