PegNet-The stable coin

PegNet is a decentralized, non-custodial network of tokens pegged (stabilized) to different currencies and assets that allows for trading and conversion of value without the need for counterparties. It is a fully auditable, open source stablecoin and synthetics network using the competition of PoW and external oracles to converge on the prices of currencies and assets. You can mine PEG, the token of PegNet which can be converted to any pAsset on the network for just 1/10th of a cent. PegNet has created the foundation for Decentralized Finance.

PegNet is live on mainnet.

Mining Info:

Pools (The easiest way to start mining)

Solo Mining
You can find builds/binaries here for Linux, Windows, MacOS, and ARM here:

Directions for getting started with mining here: Mining · pegnet/pegnet Wiki · GitHub

If you have issues, please let us know in the #support channel so that we can not only help you out, but make the docs clearer for the next person. Any general docs suggestions should be shared in #documentation.

To learn how to setup the ecosystem for conversions and transactions, go here: How To Setup the PegNet Ecosystem for Conversions and Transfers - Factomize

To monitor pAsset prices, see at

Other Info:
Wallet: Factomatic Releases PegNet GUI Wallet - PegNet - Medium
Github: PegNet · GitHub
FAQ: FAQ · pegnet/pegnet Wiki · GitHub
BitcoinTalk: [ANN][PoW] PegNet: A CPU Mineable Stablecoin and Synthetics Network for DeFi
Reddit: PegNet
Block Explorer:
Mining Hash Rate: Factoshi | Factom Metrics

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Emision de moneda:

Muy facil de minar, comunidad y desarrolladores muy activos y viene ser parecido a Synthetix Network Token(token o criptomoneda con mas ROI de 2019) pero en POW en vez de POS, funciona en la red Factom( la de la fundacion Bill y Melissa Gates) y se esta trabajando para que tambien funcione en la red Ethereum. Una muy buena herramienta para mantener nuestros fondos digitales en varios tipos de valor de productos financieros corrientes sin que tener que pasar por un tercero ni tener que declararlo

Interesante… Ya estoy minando desde un PC y un Mac a ver qué tal…

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Por cierto, estuve minando varios días según las guías: cree la wallet con Kambani, puse los datos, etc. pero si hago la búsqueda de la dirección en el explorador me dice que no hay nada… ¿Alguna idea de lo que puede estar pasando?
En este explorador las veras, va sobre la mainnet de pegnet, aparte puedes ver la cantidad en kambani

Pues algo habré hecho mal porque no me sale nada…


A mi me funciona perfectamente, es tu dirección publica de factom?, la has creado con la wallet enterprise?

La creé con Kambani de Chrome sugún las instrucciones que había. Pero debo de haber hecho algo mal me da…

Hay 2 tipos de wallet en Factom, te animo a que uses discord y lo comentes en su sección de support con pelos y señales, seguro que te ayudan mejor que yo y son bastante activos

Perfecto, ¡gracias!

ATTENTION (Friendly reminder)


Pegnet will have a hard fork at block height 231620, estimated to be Feb 12, 2020, 18:00 UTC. This hard fork includes support for ecdsa keys, additional currencies, as well as some minor fixes and improvements. You can read the full set of changes on the releases page.

You must update by height 231620 or else your pegnet will be out of date and will have to be reset. All miners and users will have to update.

Please forward to all communication channels. If you are using orax or prosper, updates will follow for those shortly. Miners on the mining pools will not have to update, only the pool operators.

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There seems to be some confusion. PegNet uses the open source Factom Protocol NOT the Factom, Inc. Enterprise software called “Harmony”.

  1. There are 27 companies running the Factom Protocol at this point.
  2. PegNet does NOT use any software from Factom.
  3. Statement by the Factom Community


r/factom - Factom Protocol Authority Node Operators statement about…

16 votes and 8 comments so far on Reddit

[ 4:48 ]

  1. List of Factom Protocol Authority Nodes ANO Contributions | Factom Discussion Forum

Factom Discussion Forum

ANO Contributions

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