Digitex (dgtx)

Digitex Futures Exchange - Commission-Free Bitcoin Futures Trading With Zero Trading Fees and Decentralized Account Balances

What Is The Digitex Futures Exchange
Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on the price of BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD with zero transaction fees on any trades. Zero trading fees combined with high leverage and an intuitive one click ladder trading interface allow traders to pursue high volume, ultra short term trading strategies without getting killed by commissions. With its own native currency, called the DGTX token, the exchange covers costs by creating and selling a small number of new DGTX tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees.

The DGTX Token
At the heart of the Digitex Futures Exchange is the DGTX token. As a true protocol token, its an integral part of how the exchange can operate without charging transaction fees. All account balances on the Digitex Futures Exchange are denominated in DGTX tokens and the tick value of every futures market is 1 DGTX, meaning that all trading profits and losses are in DGTX tokens.

Anyone who wants to trade on the commission-free markets of the Digitex Futures Exchange must therefore buy DGTX tokens, meaning that a busy futures exchange will be a massive source of demand for DGTX tokens. It is this demand from traders that makes it possible for the exchange to create and sell a small number of new tokens each year to cover the costs of running the exchange without charging transaction fees.

DGTX Token Sale Starts January 15th

  • The DGTX token is a unique cryptocurrency that will be in high demand from thousands of traders who want to trade futures with zero transaction costs.
  • There will be an initial supply of one billion DGTX tokens (1,000,000,000 DGTX).
  • On January 15th, 700 million DGTX tokens will be sold to the public at a price of USD $0.01 per token (1 DGTX = ETH equivalent of $0.01).
  • The DGTX token is an ERC-223 Ethereum based token.
  • The DGTX token sale will stay open until February 15th or until all 700 million tokens have been sold, whichever comes first.
  • Any unsold DGTX tokens at the end of the token sale on February 15th will be burned to increase the value of the DGTX tokens that were bought.
  • When the commission-free Digitex Futures Exchange becomes popular, demand from thousands of traders who must own DGTX tokens to participate will drive the price of DGTX considerably higher than its launch price of $0.01.

Commission-Free Futures Trading - How Is It Possible?

  • Digitex uses its own cryptocurrency, called the DGTX token, as the native currency of the Digitex Futures Exchange.
  • Your account balance on the Digitex Futures Exchange is denominated in DGTX tokens and all your trading profits and losses are in DGTX tokens.
  • Digitex eliminates transaction fees on trades and covers operational costs by creating and selling a small number of new DGTX tokens each year.
  • All new token issuance events must be approved by DGTX owners through a democratic system of Decentralized Governance by Blockchain.
  • The demand from thousands of traders who must own DGTX tokens to participate will easily absorb the small number of new tokens that are created to cover costs.
  • Traders want to trade on the Digitex Futures Exchange because there are no trading fees and decentralized account balances.

Main Features & Benefits of Digitex

  • Zero Trading Fees
  • Decentralized Account Balances
  • Highly Liquid Futures Markets
  • Automated Market Makers
  • Digitex Native Currency
  • Token Issuance Revenue Model
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin Futures
  • One Click Ladder Trading Interface
  • Large Tick Sizes
  • High Leverage
  • No Auto Deleveraging
  • The Best Technology
  • Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement
  • Decentralized Governance by Blockchain
  • Complete Privacy
  • Blockchain Driven

Zero Trading Fees
There are no transaction fees of any kind on the Digitex Futures Exchange. Traders can submit Maker orders or Taker orders at any time under any circumstances and pay 0% commissions on all trades forever. Digitex’s revolutionary token issuance model makes commission-free trading fully sustainable indefinitely, and it actually thrives as the exchange gets busier, ensuring the long term success of the Digitex Futures Exchange.

Decentralized Account Balances
Traders do not need to trust Digitex with holding their account balance in order to trade on the exchange. Your account balance is held by a decentralized, independent smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, not by the exchange. Digitex cannot freeze/mismanage/lose your funds because we physically don’t have access to your money. And in the unlikely event that Digitex is hacked there are no funds for the hackers to steal.

Highly Liquid Futures Markets
When you remove the constraints of transaction fees you get highly liquid markets because traders engage in high volume, single tick trading strategies that are not viable on other exchanges due to commissions. Liquidity is further enhanced by the presence of automated market makers, funded with 20% of the total supply of DGTX tokens, that are programmed to break even whilst keeping spreads tight at all times, even in volatile market conditions.

Automated Market Makers
Digitex market makers are automated trading bots with algorithms that are programmed to break even. With their highly active trading strategy and a large trading bank of 20% of all tokens in circulation (200M DGTX), they help create liquid futures markets that have tight bid and offer spreads, even in volatile market conditions, giving traders the confidence of always being able to enter and exit positions which further enhances liquidity.

Digitex Native Currency
The Digitex Futures Exchange has its own native cryptocurrency, called the DGTX token. The tick value of each Digitex futures market is 1 DGTX token, meaning that all trading profits and losses are denominated in DGTX tokens. Margin requirements are payable in DGTX tokens and traders account balances, deposits and withdrawals are denominated in DGTX tokens. Therefore, traders must own DGTX tokens to trade on Digitex’s commission-free, trustless futures markets, which creates demand for the DGTX token.

Token Issuance Revenue Model
The Digitex Futures Exchange is revolutionizing futures trading by eliminating transaction fees on trades and instead generating revenue through token issuance of its native currency, the DGTX token. Because the DGTX token is in demand from traders, the exchange is able to create and sell a small number of new DGTX tokens each year to cover costs. The inflationary cost of a small increase in the DGTX supply is offset by demand from traders who must own it to participate in Digitex’s commission-free futures markets.

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin Futures
Digitex has 3 futures markets: BTC/USD, ETH/USD & LTC/USD. Each futures contract has a large tick size, which eliminates a lot of noise and allows prices to be displayed on a one click ladder style trading interface, even in volatile market conditions. The Tick value of each futures contract is 1 DGTX token, meaning that all trading profits and losses are settled in DGTX tokens.

One Click Ladder Trading Interface
Digitex futures markets are displayed on an intuitive ladder interface that allows traders to submit buy and sell orders instantly with a single click. With minimal mouse movement and without needing the keyboard, traders never need to take their eyes from the price action. Bids and offers move up and down a central price ladder that allows traders to visualize the market as the price literally moves up and down.

Large Tick Sizes
A distinctive feature of Digitex futures markets are their large tick size. In futures trading, a tick is the minimum price increment that a futures contract can move up or down. For example, the tick size on the BTC/USD futures contract is $5. This removes noise and allows volatile futures contracts to be displayed on a scalper-friendly one click ladder trading interface without the price constantly disappearing off the top of the page and off the bottom of the page.

High Leverage
Digitex futures markets offer traders very high leverage of up to 100x, allowing them to realise large percentage gains (and losses) from relatively small price movements. But unlike other
Bitcoin futures exchanges, Digitex does not cancel your winning trade to protect itself from losses if your counterparty’s losing position gets stopped out because he was too highly leveraged.

No Auto Deleveraging
Unlike other Bitcoin futures exchanges that offer high leverage, Digitex will not close you out of a winning position to protect itself from losses when your counterparty’s losing trade is stopped out because he was too highly leveraged. It’s out of your control whether the counterparty to your trade is at maximum leverage or not and you shouldn’t miss out on a profitable move that you correctly predicted because the exchange canceled your winning trade.

The Best Technology
The Digitex Futures Exchange is built on the Erlang/OTP stack, the same technology that powers 70% of the world’s telecommunications software - and WhatsApp. The futures trading interface updates prices in real time and is completely web browser based with nothing to download. The Digitex order matching engine matches trades in less than one millisecond. The software architecture is being built with the capacity to scale to millions of concurrent users if needed.

Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement
Digitex is a hybrid futures exchange that combines the speed and reliability of a centralized order matching engine with the trustless security of decentralized account balances on the blockchain. This offers traders the best of both worlds when it comes to speed of execution and the safety of their deposits. Traders enjoy the benefits of real time trading on a blazing fast order matching engine without needing to trust the exchange with their money.

Decentralized Governance by Blockchain
Digitex uses blockchain technology to eliminate transaction fees by minting a small number of new DGTX tokens each year. This token issuance revenue model is governed democratically by its traders, for the benefit of its traders, through Decentralized Governance by Blockchain. This means that all DGTX token owners collectively decide on when, if and how many new tokens are issued to cover the costs of operating the futures exchange.

Complete Privacy
Traders on Digitex can start trading immediately without needing to submit their name or any identifying documents of any kind. As an offshore exchange that accepts only DGTX tokens, Digitex is not bound by intrusive, ineffective and pointless KYC/AML regulations that intrude on our users privacy and which put them at risk of identity theft by making the exchange a target for hackers seeking personal information. The best way to protect our users personal data is not to collect that data in the first place.

Blockchain Driven
Digitex is driven by blockchain technology. From the use of its own cryptocurrency to eliminate transaction fees, to storing account balances trustlessly in a decentralized smart contract, and allowing its traders to determine the rate of new token issuance, everything that makes Digitex revolutionary is only made possible by embracing the disruptive power of new blockchain technology that until very recently didn’t even exist.

The Team
The Digitex Futures Exchange is the idea of Adam Todd, programmer and ex futures trader and betting exchange trader. As a full time trader on Betfair.com’s horse racing markets, his bets would sometimes account for 10% of a horse race’s total matched bets volume, and his longest winning run was 240 consecutive winning days.

During this period, Adam developed a one click ladder trading interface that allowed him to submit his bets faster with only a single click. Originally built for his own use, BetTrader soon became a popular trading interface for thousands of Betfair traders, and 14 years later the software and its 25,000 strong community of traders are still going strong.

As a very successful short term trader who has also successfully developed his own trading software and built a loyal community of users around it, Adam is uniquely qualified to create the Digitex Futures Exchange. It was the authenticity of BetTrader that led to its popularity, because it was built by Adam to scratch his own itch. Digitex will have that same authenticity because it is being built for the same reason.

Mickael Salabi is the Founder and General Partner of Tokenpot, a cryptocurrency hedge fund diversified across a wide range of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects that produced returns of over 3,000% in 2017. Mickael offers invaluable help and advice on the many aspects of running a blockchain project. He was an early investor in Digitex who loves the idea of sustainable, commission-free futures markets that use blockchain technology to eliminate transaction fees.

Lee Mayne owns RacingTraders, a 25,000 strong community of Betfair traders. Lee is a software developer and a designer. He is actively involved in a wide range of cryptocurrencies and ICOs and enjoys the mechanics of being an active token investor. Well known in the online gambling world, Lee is ideally situated to introduce Bitcoin futures trading to a large group of active sports traders.

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Digitex dev update #11: WebSocket API description release, Python client for REST Trading API & DUSD comeback



OCTOBER 2, 2021

In today’s dev update, we’ll share several small but good news – and one bigger one, much anticipated by our community.

But that’s enough suspense for now. Read on to learn more!

WebSocket Trading API description: released

Firstly, we’ve published the WebSocket Trading API description, which is now available for all our traders! Feel free to check it out and create lightning-fast trading bots linked to the Digitex Mainnet. WebSocket API supports up to 1000 requests per second!

What’s more, our Web UI uses the same WebSocket API, which means you can use all the benefits of the Live Ladder to seriously boost the speed of your manual trading.

We truly appreciate your patience with this update. But we’re also aware there’s always room for growth – and open to your comments and suggestions! Should you find any ambiguity in the WebSocket API description, please let us know.

Python client for Digitex REST Trading API

Second, we are ready to present to you the refactored Digitex Python client! Now it supports the new Trading REST API – but, for the moment, only on the Testnet. To set up the client, please follow this link.

We’ve developed this feature to make trading easier and more efficient for you, guys – and, as always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

DUSD is back (and revised!)

And third – here’s the ‘bigger news’ we mentioned in the intro. For months, we’ve been collecting and sorting through your feedback, and learned that many of you were looking forward to the return of DUSD, the stablecoin backed by DGTX. It was a part of a huge update back in Dec 2020, but then we ran into some bumps and decided it needed more work.

To cut a long story short, we’re bringing DUSD back! It perfectly fits our plans to switch to a new business model and create a system of ‘continuous circulation’ of DGTX tokens among the Exchange and Traders.

We know many believe that ‘decentralized is the best’ – but we can’t yet say for sure if DUSD will be decentralized or owned by Digitex. The thing is, solutions like sUSD may work perfectly for Synthetix infrastructure, but with limitations for a classic crypto exchange. So we see many ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ for both variants, and we’ll need to carefully scrutinize them first.

So, here’s our next steps: what are we going to do with DUSD?

  1. Revising the math model behind contracts and the liquidation system;
  2. Revising the numbers.
  3. Making key decisions such as:
  4. Picking a centralized or decentralized model;
  5. Choosing if DUSD will be exclusive to Digitex Exchange;
  6. Selecting the right blockchain;
  7. Refactoring the legacy code from 2020.

With luck, we’ll go through all these within 2-3 months – which means DUSD might be back shortly before or after Christmas. Ah, Christmas.

Thanks again for your continuous interest and support! Want to help us improve Digitex further and choose the features we’ll implement next? Easy! Just fill out this form.

Bye for now! See you next week, when we are back with Dev update #12.

63.000 seguidores para una capitalización de poco más de dos millones…


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Otra cosa… El tema multicuentas canta mucho…

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