Given the lack of a central authority, there is no controlling organization who can monitor or regulate the transfer of funds to ensure a legitimate transaction. This creates a prime opportunity for the criminal element to capitalize on remaining anonymous, as they work to defraud unsuspecting citizens, launder money, and make large-sum anonymous transactions.

The G20, however considers the threat from crypto assets low, and recognizes their potential. The group said in the communique:

“Technological innovations, including those underlying crypto-assets, can deliver significant benefits to the financial system and the broader economy.


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He abierto un hilo para seguir la evolución de la moneda de Facebook y así no estar aquí en offtopic.

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Que problemón, que usen una vpn y ya no minan en rusia …

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Hablan de R3, y R3 tiene mucha relación con xrp.

con tanto proyecto ya me pierdo… el R3 no tenia algo que ver con los bancos?? no era una blockchain privada o algo así?? ya te digo hablo de memoria y no me acuerdo…

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