Nuevo Fork Monero (MoneroV)

Os dejo info para los holders de xmr:

Y unos extractos interesantes de su PDF:

“MoneroV will adhere to core Austrian school of economics principles by capping the total MoneroV coins that can be created, parting with Monero’s infinite coin supply structure.” -

“MoneroV will issue bounty programs for top-tier developers and researchers to
rapidly develop all aspects of the MoneroV network.”

“… plans to tackle the scaling issues, which is the main source of problems in Monero, and
in all cryptocurrency coins for that matter, and integrate the MimbleWimble protocol so that the
blockchain size will be bound to the number of users using MoneroV (not the number of
transactions being made in the network).”

"For example… the centralization of decision making that prevents the implementation of new features, the scaling issue of a bloated blockchain, the high transaction fees, and the growing
hash rate that is mainly based on mass usage of botnets and unsuspected browser based miners
that prevents genuine miners to compete.