Shapeshift hackeado

Hello everyone,
We wanted to provide a quick update on our status.Y

esterday afternoon, we noticed several pieces of evidence indicating our server infrastructure was compromised and threatened. We made the decision to scrap that infrastructure, and rebuild in a wholly new and safe environment. This is what we are currently engaged in. While we hate having the service offline, it was the safer path.

By design, ShapeShift doesn’t hold customer balances, so even in the case of a security breach, there is no customer money at risk.However, a portion of our own hot wallet inventory funds were taken, but nothing that will interfere with operations once our new environment is online. This is also by design.

We’ve built customer protection into our platform – hacks may be inevitable, but customer losses should not be. Not a cent of customer funds was lost, nor could they have been.

For those few customers who had a pending order processing with us when we went offline, we’ll get those funds returned to you within 24 hours. Customer support link is below.

Existing in Bitcoinland is a pioneering struggle against many threats and challenges. We’ll use the opportunity to build even bigger, better, and more resilient infrastructure. We’ve been inspired by the immense growth ShapeShift has seen over the past several months, and will get this beast back online ASAP.

Kind regards,
-Erik VoorheesCEO

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Al menos parece que no se han perdido los fondos de los usuarios como ha sucedido en tantas y tantas ocasiones en el pasado y en otras plataformas.