Siete preguntas de Vitalik Buterin a la comunidad crypto

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1.- “Bitmain and affiliated pools now have ~53% of all bitcoin hashpower. Isn’t this a really big problem?”

2.- “Why aren’t there any useful large-scale applications yet?”

3.- “Why are there not yet good solutions to account security? When will the problem of account hacks and thefts be solved?”

4.- “How can decentralized apps work well even with 5-10 second blockchain latency?”

5.- “PoW is burning billions of dollars per year, even more than all scams and thefts combined,” Ethereum’s co-founder asked, “Isn’t this a big tragedy?”

6.- “What are the centralization risks in proof of stake?”

7.- “Given how EOS governance has turned into an epic fail, doesn’t this mean that all on-chain governance including DAOs is fundamentally flawed? How can any DAO deal with bribe attacks, plutocrats and other risks?”

¿a alguien se le ocurren algunas respuestas?

1 me gusta

posible solucion??