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Precio ICO julio 26/2016: 1126 sat
Precio Hoy octubre 19/2016: 5900 sat - $0.037

Stratis Platform
Stratis is a flexible and powerful
Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real-world
financial services businesses and other organisations that want to
access the benefits of Blockchain technologies without the overheads
inherent in running their own network infrastructure. Stratis offers
a turnkey solution that enables developers and businesses to develop,
test and deploy blockchain-based applications quickly and easily, and
without the costs and security concerns that would otherwise arise from
an in-house implementation.

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Nuevos miembros para el team , alianzas, compra de strat con fiat, nuevos bounties en the viral exchange:


El roadmap para los próximos meses, recién publicado: http://stratisplatform.com/2016/10/19/the-stratis-roadmap-2016-2017/

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x10 ICO, no?

Felicidades a los que entrasteis.:tada::confetti_ball:

Hasta ahora a duplicado el precio del 19 de octubre pasado, cuando se creó este hilo.

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Poco se habla de stratis en este foro, muchos hablan muy bien de ella.

Me parece un proyecto muy interesante la verdad.
Alguna opinión más reciente?

Proyecto que mas sigo desde el inicio, en verano 2016, y desde mi punto de vista te puedo decir que es un grandisimo proyecto

-Reescribir la blockchain bitcoin en c#

-Travajan para implementar blockchain as a service para las empresas

-Utilisaran Sidechain ( cadenas laterales )…

-Hay muchos proyectos que no estaban al inicio como los " masternodes " smart contracts ( para el fin del ano)-

-Te puedo decir que tienen muy bueno equipo professional , Buena communication , activos en el slack ( Warren buffet dice que es un punto muy importante La communication )

Estan en la azure de Microsoft
Tienen una colaboracion con escalate group y desde poco con earth twine…

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Y dentro de pocos dias / semanas , por fin el wallet breeze con la technologia tumblebit ( transaction anonymas)

Ese proyecto no estaba tampoco al inicio del white paper, asi que
Habra masternodes con minimum de 1000 stratis

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Hay una falta el neo es " multilenguaje "

Se esta mascando un pump en Stratis o me lo parece solo ami…

Viernes proximo salen el alpha del breeze wallet tumblebit

Que precios mas sabrosos :grin:

https://criptonoticias.com/aplicaciones/stratis-microsoft-aplican-blockchain-gestion-identidades/#axzz4tJNCi978 stratis id

Aquí os dejo una entrevista muy interesante realizada al CEO de Stratis el día de ayer.


Para el que no tenga un buen oído para el ingles, os copio la conversación por aquí abajo y ya cada cual que la traduzca al idioma que mas placer le de.

Q: Recap of last year?

“Putting together the framework in order to service the enterprises Stratis is targeting.”

Q: What has attributed to Stratis being on of the best performing ICO’s, rising from an ICO price of .7 cents to and ATH of $11?

“Attribute that success to raising a small amount of money at ICO ($600,000) because there is more room for growth and less resistance for new investors. Developers are active on Github, and often available to the community through Slack. Straits developers have experience in enterprise development.”

Q:What does Stratis do today?

Full node of bitcoin core is written in C#. Taking modular approach, meaning people can download the full node and independently implemented the modules they want. Stratis has all the modules, and in the next two months they’re taking their tech from alpha, beta, to finished product. By the end of the year, plan to have an end to end product. By 2018, Stratis will be able to onboard the companies that they are speaking with.

Q:Why rewrite bitcoin core in C#?

“Our whole platform, everything we’re building is built on top of that full node. As you know we’re bringing some of greatest innovations in the blockchain space such as side chains and smart contracts. They’re all going to be built on top of our full node.”

Q:Breeze wallet, what will that do?

Breeze is in alpha. It will allow you to run special master nodes. Different from your Dash master nodes in that they allow you to tumble bitcoin instead of the native currency. Unlike any other master nodes, node operators will earn fees in bitcoin.

Q:What does a Stratis master node do?

“Master nodes will be broken up into various roles. Master nodes specifically for Tumblebit, for side chains and for smart contracts. The reason for this is to not lock any one out from being able to run a master node. The 250,000 STRAT limit for Tumblebit master nodes is dictated by the technology, not the team. The privacy of tumble bit servers is reduced with higher number of servers (master nodes) so the limit of STRAT needed to be higher to limit the number of nodes.”

Q: How does Tumblebit mix bitcoins?

“Uses off chain transactions to remove the link between coins. So if alice sends to bob, the server can not only not deanonymize those transactions but they also can’t steal any of the funds so it’s completely trustless. Uses RSA encryption, which you exchange between each other and creates unlinkablilty.” Tumble bit has another use case in scalability as the off chain transactions can scale endlessly. So in addition to privacy its being used as a scalability solution as well.
Leon Fu explains tumblebit in layman terms as everyone puts their bitcoins into this tumblebit, and if I want to send you a bitcoin I put it into this tumble bit and then I give you a puzzle and you can use that code to go pull that one bitcoin but since it’s from the tumble bit you don’t know exactly which bitcoin it is…since it’s coming from a giant pool of bitcoin.

Q: When can we run master nodes?

“Currently in internal testing and end to end testing is being done at the moment. Within the next week it will more to closed group of community testers then to public release. Public release will definitely happen before the end of the year.” (Alpha release on Oct 30 according to the Dev update)

Q: Why did Stratis decide to go into the privacy market?

“Stratis will always implement the best technology currently in the industry, and privacy solution is just that. Tumblebit is not meant for anonymous individuals but for companies who want to use the blockchain and keep some of their data private. They will of course have KYC info and money laundering regulations with those companies.”

Q: What will you have by the end of the year?

“Production ready full node, Breeze running on mainnet, master nodes, side chains, and lastly the ICO platform. Information about the ICO platform will be released soon.”

Q: ICO platform that people can issue tokens on correct?

“The end goal is an end to end ICO platform, so you have your ICO platform where you actually do your crowdfund and in that platform you can actually deploy your token at the end of it. Now, in the initial version we will not have the token generation because our side chains aren’t ready. So we’ve made it blockchain agnostic so when you’ve completed your ICO you can export the data into possibly an ERC20 token.” “Companies will be able to run their own blockchains on straits side chains, and will also have colored coins similar to Waves or NXT.” This will probably come early Q1, but could come sooner as they already support colored coins, and just need to get a few things in place.

Q: Are you doing something about identity? Are you going after Civic?

“I wouldn’t say we’re trying to go after civic. We’re building out several use cases on our platform, so we can open source the code so developers have mature example code bases to start with. This identity solution was our first POC that we developed. There is an android and iOS app for that. Rather than a business use case, it’s more about creating use case and example code for developers to pick up.

Q: What’s next?

“Make everything production ready by the end of the year. Stratis has been contacted by many companies but not having their production completed has stalled many of these conversations. By the end of Q4 they will have the product in place to sell to major companies ready to implement blockchain. Stratis see’s itself as a blockchain/consultancy business rather than an alt coin.”

Q: Is Stratis consultant still in the plan?

“Stratis consultancy is core to what we’re trying to do. One of out main competitive advantages is that we have the consultancy business. for example we can provide businesses with SLA around the tech and manage support agreements. I come from an enterprise background and I understand the needs of an enterprise and what it takes to work with them. The people we’re bringing in now are top level enterprise employees who have worked at Microsoft and large banking organizations because we want to bring the enterprise feel to our offers. By 2018 we will be ready to service an enterprise, while in 2017 we were not ready.”

Q: What is the size of the Straits team now?

“We have over 20 full time employees and have quite a few contributors that work on the code base. 12 employees in the London office and the rest around the globe.”

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