Trading Conference. Blockchain Week.Barcelona.2015

Es una de las 4 conferencias que forman parte de la Blockchain Week que se celebra entre los días 6 y 8 de octubre en Barclona. Por su importancia para el trading le he abierto un hilo propio.

Blockchain Week
Trading Conference
Barcelona October 7th,2015

Bringing Blockchain Technology to Financial Markets

The Trading Conference will focus on bringing together financial institutions, investment and trading experts with those at the cutting edge of #Fintech development in the cryptocurrency world.

We bring together colored coin developers, blockchain traded assets, Bitcoin exchanges, altcoins… with brokerage houses, stock exchange operators, bankers and investors. We want both worlds to interact, connect and discover the potential for synergy and collaboration.

Eddy Travia

Gavin Smith
First Global Credit

Moran Shaked

Flavien Charlon

Jacques Dahan

Félix Moreno

Alberto Gómez Toribio

Eddy Travia is CEO at Coinsilium. Investor and advisor in the Bitcoin & Blockchain space since 2013, initially as co-founder of Seedcoin, a global, seed-stage incubator
Coinsilium is a fintech company focusing on blockchain technology, harnessing growth through investment, acceleration and development.

Gavin Smith. His most recent role prior to founding FGC was designing the global risk strategy for one of the world’s largest physical commodity traders.
First Global Credit is a fintech company that develops investment products that maximize the returns from digital currency holdings.

Moran Shaked is Head of Marketing at COLU.Moran, an active member in the local and global Bitcoin community, and in the Israeli Bitcoin Association.
Colu. Creating, Storing and Managing Digital Assets On Top of the Bitcoin Blockchain - We make it simple.

Flavien Charlon is the founder of Coinprism and author of the Open Assets Protocol
Coinprism is the first colored coins web wallet, recently won the global Startup Challenge, and is backed by Tim Draper and BoostVC.

Jaques Dahan is a senior executive with successful participations in disruptive Internet startups since the mid-1990.
Coinsetter is a Wall Street built bitcoin exchange for firms and individuals. Our platform puts the power of institutional bitcoin trading at your fingertips.

Félix Moreno is a Trader & Portfolio Manager at Rockflower Trading
Rockflower. Trade strategy development & execution. Stop-loss, target & LRE definition. Risk management. Order and position tracking

Alberto Gómez Toribio CEO at Coinffeine
Coinffeine is a decentralized Bitcoin exchange platform working in more than 70 countries. It’s like BitTorrent for your bitcoins